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Professional Bookkeeping Services for Your Small Business

Need More Time?

Shouldn't you be with your Customers?

Or Building your Business?

Need More Info?

Want to know how much money you really made?

Shouldn't you make decisions based on facts and data?

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Want to be confident in front of the Bank or IRS?

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I'm Jacob Christensen a Professional Bookkeeper for Small Businesses

  • I live in South West Michigan with my wife and three kids. We live out in the country with trees all around, little happening, no street lights, and we love it.

  • I love doing bookkeeping! To some it is boring, but I actually enjoy it - you get to see how the whole operation works together and do detective work looking for trends or issues. It is very satisfying to have everything put together in the end.

  • I have the utmost respect for business owners. Each business is incredibly valuable and personal. It's rewarding to help other small businesses and see them succeed. Be proud of what you built!

How it works

I would process your information throughout the month and come back with the information you need.

We would discuss it together to make sure it is understood and add any new information or metrics you wanted to see.

Monthly Reviews

  • Review document capturing and explaining all the information including monthly reports.

  • Monthly Meeting to go over all the information

Tax Prep Data

  • Year end tax data packet

  • I work with your tax professional or help with TurboTax which works well with QuickBooks Online

  • I can suggest a tax pro if you need one


  • Unlimited calls and questions

  • QuickBooks support

  • Expandable services - grow with your business

  • Cleanup for previous months

Specific Services

Don't worry if you are not sure what you need!

Consultations are free to figure out what you need and we will react to your business needs over time.

I use QuickBooks Online and am a Certified ProAdvisor. If you want to use a different software we can talk about it in the consultation.

Below are some of the different services I offer ranked by complexity.

Foundational Services

Categorize Transactions

Bank/Account Reconciliation

Standard Finance Reports (IS,BS,SOCF)

Monthly Phone/Video Review

Annual reports for tax prep

QBO Software Subscription

Advanced Services

Receipt Management

Additional Consulting

Monthly Budgeting

Monthly Benchmarking

A/R Management and Invoicing

A/P Bill Pay Management

Payroll Management

Sales Tax Reporting

Extra Services

QBO Software Setup

QBO Training

Previous time cleanup

Custom Datasheets/Programs


  • Month-to-month payments as low as $300

  • Ask for a free quote based on your business

  • No financial commitment - cancel any time


Let's have a free consultation chat and see what we can do to help your business! No Risk and No Pressure.

Great Lakes Bookkeeping, LLC

South Haven, MI

(269) 205-3633

Jacob Christensen, Owner